Complete mailing services – including First Class, STD Presort, Non-Profit, as well as handling all aspects of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) marketing campaigns.

We deliver all mail to the Boston Business Mail Entry Unit which shaves a day off mail delivery to most zip codes and can offer additional discounts.

We can acquire targeted mailings lists and assist you in utilizing the USPS EDDM mailing tool to effectively blanket specific areas using targeted demographics.

Other mailing services include:

• Variable data matched mailings
• Mail list scrubbing, de-duping and cleanup
• Mail processing including CASS certification, address correction, MOVE updates and presorting – for your best postage rate
• Inkjet and laser addressing using a variety of fonts and colors
• Wafer sealing and fugitive gluing for usps compliancy
• Postamatic machine for affixing non-profit and first class postage stamps
• Rush mailing services